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RPSI Carriages and Wagons
(Updated 27/1/2017)

Former CIÉ State Coach 351 on display at Utrecht, Holland on 3rd September 2010. (A.Lohoff)

The RPSI has the largest collection of preserved vintage railway carriages in Ireland (and a few wagons too!). They are allocated between our headquarters in Whitehead and our operating base in Dublin.

Our carriages are used along with steam haulage for the majority of our day trips from Belfast, Dublin and elsewhere. They include beautifully restored snack and bar cars, first class vehicles and a number of traditional carriages with a wide variety of origins. As of 2004, they also include a selection of restored Mark 2 carriages.

Each is unique in its own way; if they could only speak they would have many stories to tell. Many are in pristine condition and regular use, like 351 (pictured); many others await the day when workers and money can be found to return them to their former glory.

Restoration of carriages is carried out at the Whitehead workshops and at our Dublin maintenance facility.

Steel-Bodied Operating Fleet



Main line duties are undertaken in Belfast by the 1960s Mark 2 vehicles in a distinctive green livery, and in Dublin by steel-bodied 'Cravens' in a handsome blue & cream. This became necessary once wooden-bodied coaches could no longer be used in Northern Ireland, and were severely restricted in use on Iarnród Éireann.

Heritage Fleet



The use of wooden-bodied vehicles is still permitted on some of the lines of Iarnród Éireann, and so there is a 'heritage set' based in Dublin and housed in the former valeting plant in Heuston station, although it hasn't carried passengers for quite some time.

The remaining Belfast area vintage carriages are used mainly for Whitehead open days.

Wagons, Cranes & Railcars (Whitehead)

Wagons & Cranes


Carriages are what the public see and travel on behind our locomotives, but in the days of steam just as significant were the numerous differing goods vehicles which were hauled around the country.

The Society owns a representative selection of goods and departmental vehicles, some of which appear on display in the Whitehead Railway Museum. Others are used by volunteers as they go about the business of restoration and maintenance at Whitehead.

Carriages On Loan

On Loan

There are nearly 90 carriages and wagons owned by or in the care of the RPSI. Those that are not kept in several locations in the Dublin area or at our main base at Whitehead are on loan to other museums and preservation groups.

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