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Website Contents
(Updated 3/3/2016)

Thank-you for visiting the RPSI website. Our aim is to make your visit to our site as simple and enjoyable as possible. Please use the links set out below to enjoy the information contained in the website. If you enjoy what you see, then please tell others - if you have concerns or issues, then please email us at rpsitrains@hotmail.com.

Trains, Events, Sales

The Society

  • About The RPSI - Contacts and management.
  • How the RPSI began - Origins of the Society and notable dates.
  • Memorandum and Articles - Memorandum and articles of the Society.
  • Locomotives - Details of all our steam and diesel locomotives.
  • Carriages - Details of RPSI Carriages and Wagons.
  • Whitehead Foundry - Showcases the foundry at Whitehead.
  • Dates History - Dates of all the RPSI's main line trains.
  • Projects - Current and recently completed projects.
  • Whitehead - History and modern views of our engineering depot.
  • Project 2020 - The development of Whitehead as a working museum.
  • News - Website updates/changes and RPSI news.
  • RPSI 40 - 2004 was the Society's 40th Anniversary Year.
  • RPSI 50 - 2014 is the Society's 50th Anniversary Year.

Members And Volunteers

Research And Archives

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