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RPSI Locomotives
(Updated 28/12/2016)

RPSI 461 (left) and 171 (right), with Ulster Folk and Transport Museum No.85 (centre), at Inchicore, 20th May 1995.

The RPSI's first locomotive was the "Guinness Engine", an industrial shunting locomotive from the famous brewery in Dublin. "Guinness" was presented to the Society in 1965. Ex-GNR(I) No.171 "Slieve Gullion" and ex-GS&WR No.186 followed shortly afterwards. Other locomotives were added over the years, culminating in the purchase of No.131, No.184 and No.461 by the Society in 2005. We aspire to have one mainline locomotive based in Dublin and another in Whitehead (for Belfast based day trips), and another spare. An extra locomotive is used to shunt at Whitehead.

Over the years, all but two of the locomotives in our collection have been restored or rebuilt by ourselves at our Whitehead base. The RPSI built its own Locomotive Workshop at Whitehead in 1997, complete with an 1897 built overhead heavy lifting crane which came from the former Belfast & County Down Railway's works at Queen's Quay, Belfast. The RPSI's Whitehead Depot is the premier steam engineering facility in Ireland and has been able to carry out contract work as well - most recently the rebuilding of locomotives owned by the Downpatrick & County Down Railway.

Operational Mainline Locomotives
Loco No.4
Loco No.85
Loco No.461

Operational Shunting Locomotives
Loco No.3 Guinness
Loco B142

Locomotives Under Overhaul
Loco No.131
Loco No.171 Slieve Gullion

Stored Locomotives
Loco No.3
Loco No.27
Loco No.184
Loco No.186
Loco No.1 Carlow Diesel
Loco No.23
The Unilok
Loco B141
Loco B141
Loco B141

Non-RPSI Locomotives Overhauled On Contract
DCDR Loco No.1
CDRRL Loco No.5 Drumboe
DCDRLoco No.90
Hunslet 102

⅛th Scale Model
Loco No.202

The One That Got Away
Hunslet 101

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