Saturday 9th September 2017


Whitehead/Belfast - Rosslare & return


£54 - £59

A unique RPSI/MRSI joint railtour - a diesel-hauled special from Whitehead Excursion station all the way through to Rosslare.

The RPSI's Mk2 set of carriages will be used throughout. Motive power will be an NIR 111 class locomotive to and from Dublin, and beyond by an Irish Rail 071 class diesel locomotive.

  Arr Dep
Whitehead Excursion   07:30
Carrickfergus 07:42 07:43
Belfast Central 08:10 08:22
Lisburn 08:35 08:36 
Portadown 09:00 09:01
Drogheda 10:04 10:05
Dublin Connolly 11:00 11:40 
Wexford 14:09 14:12
Rosslare Strand 14:30 15:40
Wexford 16:10 16:45
Dublin Connolly 19:13 19:45
Drogheda 20:31 20:33
Portadown 21:33 21:35
Lisburn 21:59 22:00
Belfast Central 22:15  22:25
Carrickfergus 22:42 22:43
Whitehead Excursion 22:57  


Fare: £59 (£54 from Drogheda & Dublin)

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 Tickets may also be purchased at:

Visit Belfast Welcome Centre, 8-9 Donegall Square North, BT1 5GJ

+44 28 9024 6609


For those not familiar with the railway beyond Dublin it skirts Dublin Bay to Dun Laoghaire and beyond Dalkey Tunnel there are sweeping sea views. At the majestic Bray Head there are four significant tunnels interspersed where the railway clings to the cliff face. Between Greystones and Wicklow the railway runs immediate to the beach and sea. Beyond Wicklow the railway climbs inland to Rathdrum and onward through scenic woodland to the small coastal town of Arklow. Travelling through rich countryside the next stations are Gorey and Enniscorthy, still in their DSER glory. Here we cross the River Slaney and skirt the ever widening river until it reaches Wexford, where it meets the sea. Wexford is the main town of Co. Wexford and has a population of around 20,000. While the train continues 6 miles south to Rosslare Strand (a small seaside village) our destination, passengers have the alternative option to de-train at Wexford, permitting around 2.5 hours to explore the town, its harbour and the option for sustenance. Beyond the station the train passes along an unfenced tramway at the quay, unique in Ireland, at 5mph; the road and retail outlets on one side, with the quayside on the other.

This should be an exciting day out, aimed both at those interested in diesel locomotive haulage and the customer seeking an alternative day out, featuring unique Irish scenery observed from a beautiful railway line.