Saturday 9th September 2017


Whitehead/Belfast - Sligo & return


£54 - £59

A unique RPSI/MRSI joint railtour - a diesel-hauled special from Whitehead Excursion station all the way through to Sligo.

The RPSI's Mk2 set of carriages will be used throughout. Motive power will be an NIR 111 class locomotive.

Change To Itinerary (24/8/2017)

The railtour is operating but, unfortunately, not to Rosslare. Irish Rail have apologised that the line is closed due to engineering works south of Bray, originally believed to be commencing on Saturday evening, but actually starting on Friday night - a misunderstanding between their internal departments.

It is disappointing that we cannot go to our planned destination. However, on the up side by going to Sligo we gain an added 70 miles of travel.

A bonus suggested by Irish Rail is to travel out and back from Dublin by the little used Connolly - Newcomen Junction line.

There will be no change to the Whitehead and Belfast Central departure and return times.

The RPSI and MRSI apologise for this change to the itinerary, which is outside our control.

Change To Locomotive (28/8/2017)

NIR's 112 is scheduled to operate from Whitehead through to Sligo, subject to availability on the day.

Whitehead Excursion   07:30
Carrickfergus 07:46 07:48
Belfast Central 08:07 08:25
Lisburn 08:40 08:41
Portadown 09:04 09:06
Drogheda 10:05 10:10
Dublin Connolly 11:00  11:30
Sligo 15:05 16:00
Dublin Connolly 19:26 19:50
Drogheda 20:31 20:33
Portadown 21:33 21:35
Lisburn 21:59 22:01
Belfast Central 22:15 22:25
Carrickfergus 22:42 22:44
Whitehead Excursion 22:57  

Fare: £59 (£54 from Drogheda & Dublin)

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