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(Updated 16/1/2017)

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The Turf Railways of Ireland
Wednesday 8th February

Andrew Waldron returns with a survey of our rich heritage of narrow gauge industrial railways, from short lines in private bogs to the huge Bord na Mona network with a mileage to rival Irish Rail!

See the many achievements of these highly-individual lines as well as their innovations and curiosities. With many rare pictures from the 1930s and later material in colour.

Marble Tribesman Diesel Railtour
Saturday 8th April

Dublin - Galway - Kildare - Kilkenny - Dublin

To continue fund-raising for the restoration of our 121 and 141 locomotives, we are pleased to announce the next diesel railtour. It will include Galway and Kilkenny and will feature requested 071 class haulage with several locomotive changes.

The tour will depart from Dublin and head west to Galway. Following a break in Galway for over an hour, the train will return east to Kildare (loco change) before heading south to Kilkenny (loco change). A smart return from Kilkenny will get the train back to Dublin. Several photo stops along the route will also be a feature on the day.

All proceeds from this railtour will go directly to the continuation of restoration work currently underway with B141 and 134.

Since the arrival of the locomotives at the RPSI shed in Dublin Connolly a lot of work has been undertaken on them. Both have successfully started in preservation and now also work in multiple. To continue the work it needs your help, so please support this railtour and the prospect of seeing our 121 and 141 locomotives back at the head of our trains will become a reality.

Dublin Connolly
Dublin Connolly20:30

Fare: £55 / €60

Postal Booking Form
Shannon & Suir International Railtour Weekend
4th May - 9th May 2017

Each year the RPSI operates a weekend international railtour. This is something a little bit special, where we invite you to join our restored locomotives on our train across Ireland. With a full bar on the train, beautiful scenery, comfortable carriages and a traditional friendly welcome, our tours are fun and relaxing and a great way to see the Emerald Isle.

The Main Weekend Event (3-Day Fare)

Includes visits to Belfast, Dublin, Ennis, Kilkenny, Limerick, Waterford, Whitehead.

Fringe Events (Single Day Fares)

Positioning runs, diesel-haulage to Killarney, heritage tour by coach from Belfast.

International Railtour Page (for full details)

A dining car runs on all our trains offering teas, coffees and light snacks as well as a full bar service, including (usually) draught beer! We also try to include an Irish craft beer where possible.

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Programme Of Public Trains (2017)
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Details are not guaranteed and may be subject to change/cancellation.

(subject to
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"Marble Tribesman": Dublin - Galway - Kildare - Kilkenny - Dublin Diesel
"Easter Eggspress": Belfast - Whitehead & return (x2)
"Easter Eggspress": Belfast - Whitehead & return (x2)
"Shannon & Suir": Whitehead - Belfast - Dublin 85
"South Kerry": Dublin - Killarney - Dublin Diesel
"Shannon & Suir": Dublin - Athenry - Ennis - Limerick 85/4
"Shannon & Suir": Limerick - Waterford - Kilkenny - Dublin 4/85
"Shannon & Suir": Dublin - Belfast - Whitehead 85

Advance ticket purchase is essential for all mainline trains - Unless otherwise stated.
Attempting to travel without a ticket at the main departure station OR without a ticket and at a different station on the route causes the RPSI major problems. We sell tickets for the seats on the train, therefore you are very likely to be refused a seat on the train or be asked to leave if you do not have a ticket. Please purchase your ticket in advance.

Please Act Responsibly Around Our Trains
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