This trip was operated by No.171 “Slieve Gullion”, GNR(I) Director's Saloon 50 and Rosslare 12-wheeler 861. Whitehead - Belfast York Road (loco turned) - Larne Harbour - Whitehead. Considerable work had been expended on No.171 over the 1972/3 winter and she was only just ready to run this tour. One of the tasks was to refurbish the smaller tender which can be seen in the photographs. In Five Foot Three 14, Peter Scott recorded that "on Thursday 19th April, No.171 spent the day shunting the Site and with the proper tender, a good brake and good coal, she seemed like a different engine. No.171 worked the ‘King Fergus’ running-in trip on the Larne line. The loco performed well and no mechanical defects came to light though the brake problem persists." The coaching stock had recently been augmented by the arrival of our second coach, the ex-GNR(I) Directors’ Saloon 50 with seats for 22 first class passengers. Only minor restoration had been tackled to allow the coach to run on the King Fergus Railtour. All other available resources have been channelled into the restoration of the Rosslare brake 861 as a safer and more comfortable vehicle.