This marathon tour, over 9 days in June 1964, took in most of the still-existing lines of Ireland and was a joint venture by the Irish Railway Record Society, the Railway Correspondence & Travel Society and the Stephenson Locomotive Society. The photographs (with a few separately-attributed exceptions) are by Roger Joanes, who says: "It was a memorable trip. The organisers sold tickets for individual days as well as for the whole tour, and I took advantage of this to choose the days with the rarest bits of track. On other days I was able to follow the train, more or less, by using regular trains, in a car hired by some friends, or by hitch-hiking. Hence far more pictures on some days than on others." Viewing the photographs will be greatly enhanced by reading the tour report which is available in the Publications/Irish Railways General web page. Reference to subsequent RPSI tour galleries will show how much has disappeared over the years from what was a very interesting railway system.