Wednesday 7th May: (4 ECS) Whitehead - Belfast - Dundalk; (4) Dundalk - Dublin Connolly. Set ran empty to Dundalk because of restriction of Central Door Locking not yet fully certified. Friday 9th May: (186) Dublin Connolly - Mullingar - Dublin Connolly. Saturday 10th May: (4) Dublin Connolly - Carlow - Waterford - Clonmel - Waterford. Sunday 11th May: (4) Waterford - Rosslare - Dublin Connolly. Set ran empty between Rosslare Strand and Rosslare Harbour for gauging at new station. Monday 12th May 2008: (4) Dublin Connolly - Dundalk - Drogheda - Dundalk; (4 ECS) Dundalk - Whitehead. (Ran empty Dundalk to Whitehead because the new door locking was not yet fully certified). All photographs by C.P. Friel unless otherwise credited.