Train Dates for 1965.

(Note: Belfast YR = Belfast York Road; Belfast CSD = Belfast Central Services Depot; Belfast GVS = Belfast Great Victoria Street; ECS = Empty Coaching Stock; LE = Light Engine; GM = Railway company diesel locomotive; Whitehead generally means the RPSI's own Whitehead Excursion Station.)

Dates Page

Date Train/Operation Loco Itinerary/Route Special Notes
29/03 Engine Transfer
Inchicore - Dublin Amiens Street  
13/05 Engine Transfer
Dublin Amiens Street - Dundalk  
31/08 Engine Transfer
Dublin - Belfast YR Hauled on a well wagon minus wheels.
11/09 Inaugural Outing
49, 171, 207
49: Belfast YR - Portrush - Lisburn.
171+207: Lisburn - Portadown - Belfast GVS
This was the only occasion when a UG class locomotive worked to Portrush, and the last time VS No.207 worked.
11/12 Engine Transfer
Dublin - Adelaide Hauled by B163, out of steam.
The charge for this movement was £27-1-4d!